Padmini Iyer

  • Dissertation Title: Risk management through social networks among male and female pastoralists in Karamoja, Uganda
  • Chair: Lee Cronk
  • Placement: Regional Conflict Analysis Coordinator for the Danish Demining Group - Danish Refugee Council, East Africa and Great Lakes regional office

Shauhin Alavi

  • Dissertation Title: Diet, cognition and nutrient balancoing in an orangutan habitat
  • Chair: Erin Vogel
  • Placement: Max Plank Institute of Animal Cognitive Foraging

Mareike Janiak

  • Dissertation Title: Adaptations for Folivory and Insectivory in the Digestive Enzymes of Nonhuman Primates
  • Chair: Robert Scott
  • Placement: University of Calgary, Postdoctoral Fellow

Meghana Joshi 

  • Dissertation Title: ?
  • Chair: Dorothy Hodgson
  • Placement: Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Buffalo University