This award provides funds for research projects. The goal of these grants is to fund laboratory and other expenses for original research.

For graduate students, the Bigel can be used to help fund research development -- especially short preliminary visits to potential research sites to facilitate subsequent proposal design and grant development. It can be used toward travel expenses to, and certain expenses at, established research sites, including minor equipment purchases. It can also support lab expenses and archival expenses involving rare material not available through the library university system. It can be applied to dissertation preparation expenses. It does not pay for conference travel. The Bigel will not award funds to graduate students for conference travel.

Graduate Requirements:

To be eligible for a Bigel as a graduate student, you must be in good standing with a good academic record - no incompletes and a majority of A’s. Successful applicants are  expected to furnish receipts for all uses of grant funds. Preference will be given to applicants applying for predissertation research support and those who have never been awarded a Bigel.

In addition, recipients of Bigel money must submit a 1-2-page report to the Chair of the Department of their accomplishments within a month of completing their project. Students who fail to submit such a report will not be eligible for future awards.

Successful applicants are expected to furnish receipts for all uses of grant funds. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. For additional information,  please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Graduate Program Director,  Department of Anthropology, Ruth Adams Building, Douglass Campus.

  document Bigel Application Form (28 KB)