About the Graduate Program

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The Graduate Program in Anthropology includes two tracks:

Distinguished faculty in these areas enable the program to attract outstanding graduate students who excel in national research grant competitions. Students find a supportive environment, accessible faculty, and superb research resources.Most students enter directly into the Ph.D. program and earn a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree along the way after completing the necessary courses and paper work. Some students enter the Ph.D. program with a Masters degree in hand and may apply to transfer up to 24 credits from graduate anthropology courses taken elsewhere in the last six years. Students may also apply to the Master's program, either making an M.A. their ultimate or "terminal" goal, or reapplying to the Ph.D. program after completion of the M.A.


The graduate admissions personnel in the Department of Anthropology are:

Dr. Erin Vogel, Graduate Director
Room 209B, Biological Sciences Building, Douglass Campus
(848) 932-9277
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Spring 2020 office hours: Monday 2-3 pm or by appointment

Safiena Salaman, Graduate Program Assistant
Room 307, Ruth Adams Building, Douglass Campus
(848) 932-9210
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Graduate Seminars Offered in Spring 2020
16:070:505 History of Anthropology Theory – Tuesday 10:55 am to 1:55 pm RAB-302 – Dewachi
16:070:530 Problems in Social Anthropology: Anthropology of Media and Publics – Wednesday 2:15-5:15 RAB-302 – Gursel
16:070:568 Primate Social Behavior – Wednesday 3:55-6:55 p.m RAB-003 – Palombit
16:070:592 Primate Dietary Adaptations - Monday 9:15-12:15 RAB-302 - Vogel
16:070:595 Human Gross Anatomy - Mulheron - offered at RWJMS - Course Fee $500. Permission of GPD required.