Emeritus Faculty

Myron Aronoff

AronoffHeadshot(PhD U Manchester 1969; PhD Pol Sci UCLA 1976; Prof Emeritus, SAS) Political anthropology, politics and culture, anthropology of complex societies, collective identities; Israel and Middle East  mjaranoff@gmail.com


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Daniel Goldstein

(PhD, U Arizona, 1997; Professor Emeritus, SAS) Political and legal anthropology, urban anthropology, critical anthropology of security, immigration, democracy, violence and crime, human rights, globalization, cultural performance, indigenous peoples and the state; Latin America, the Andes and United States. daniel.goldstein@rutgers.edu

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Fran Mascia-Lees


(PhD, SUNY-Albany, 1983; Professor, SAS)
Body/embodiment, politics and aesthetics, phenomenologies of capitalism, consumer culture, cultural politics, critical ethnography and ethnographic writing, cultural representation, gender/race/difference and global inequalities; culture and desire; history and theory of anthropology; US 

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Warren Shapiro

alt(PhD, Australian National U, 1969; Prof Emeritus, SAS) Kinship, pseudo-procreative theory, the ethnographic study of human nature, history of anthropology, primitivism; Aboriginal Australia, lowland S America warshap7@aol.com

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Heather Strange

(PhD, New York, 1971; Prof Emeritus, SAS) Cultural anthropology, culture and aging, gender issues; SE Asia

Lionel Tiger

(PhD, U London, 1962; Charles Darwin Prof of Anth, SAS) Political structures, sociosexual roles, ethology, human nature, biology of human behavior, the kibbutz, human aggression, social uses of food, industrial society ltiger@anthropology.rutgers.edu

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Andrew P. Vayda

(PhD Columbia, 1956; Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Ecology) Human ecology, tropical rain forest adaptations, methodology and explanation, ecological and evolutionary theory; Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Polynesia