Mona Bhan

  • Dissertation Title: Visible Margins: State, Identity & Development among Brogpas of Ladakh (India)
  • Chair: Dorothy Hodgson
  • Placement: 2006: Assistant Professor, DePauw University
  • 2015: Associate Professor, DePauw University

David Braun

  • Dissertation Title: The Ecology of Oldowan Technology: Perspectives from Koobi Fora and Kanjera South
  • Chair: John W.K Harris
  • Placement: Associate Professor, Anthropology, Baylor University

Hillary Pielet Delprete

  • Dissertation Title: Secular Changes in the Morphology of the Modern Human Pelvis and the Implications for Human Evolution
  • Chair: Susan Cachel
  • Placement: 2015: Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Monmouth University.

Jackson Njau

  • Dissertation Title: The Relevance of Crocodiles to Oldowan Hominin Paleoecology at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
  • Chair: Robert Blumenschine
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Geological Sciences, Paleoanthropology, Paleontology, Indiana University-Bloomington

Susan Swiat Yorke (Passed away in 2009)

  • Dissertation Title: More Things of Heaven on Earth: Reading Ancient Landscapes of the Americas
    Chair: Robin Fox & Wendy Ashmore

Debra Curtis

  • Dissertation Title: Globalization and Sexuality: Coming of Age on Nevis
  • Chair: Louisa Schein
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Salve Regina University

Elizabeth Jordan

  • Dissertation Title: “From Time Immemorial”: Washerwomen, Culture, and Community in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Chair: Carmel Schrire
  • Placement: Preservation Program Manager/Archeologist, Virginia Department of Transportation

Rhonda Quinn

  • Dissertation Title: Stable Isotopic Evidence for Plio-Pleistocene Hominin Paleoenvironments of the Koobi Fora Formation, Turkana Basin, Northern Kenya
  • Chair: Craig Feibel
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Loyola University

Dorothy Weaver

  • Dissertation Title: The Difference It Makes: Contested Gender and the Production of Religion
  • Chair: Louisa Schein