Andrew Bickford

  • Dissertation Title: Command Performance: Militarization, Masculinity, and the State in the German Democratic Republic and Post-Unification Germany
  • Chair: Uli Linke
  • Placement: Assistant Professor and Co-Director of Graduate Studies, George Mason University

Mzalendo Kibunjia

  • Dissertation Title: Archaeological Investigations of Lokalalei (GaJh 5): A Late Pliocene Site, West of Lake Turkana, Kenya
  • Chair: John W.K. Harris
  • Placement: Director, National Museums of Kenya

Wendy Birky

  • Dissertation Title: Mating Patterns and Social Structure in a Wild Group of Formosan Macaques (Macaca Cyclopis)
  • Chair: Dieter Steklis
  • Placement: Adjunct Faculty, California State University at Northridge

Amy Cushing

  • Dissertation Title: The Landscape Zooarchaeology and Paleontology of Plio-Pleistocene Olduvai, Tanzania and Their Implications for Early Hominid Ecology
  • Chair: Robert Blumenschine

Ken Mowbray

  • Dissertation Title: Growth of the Occipital in Human Evolution: Understanding the Developmental Foundations for Morphological Variability through Experimental Models and Surface Bone Histology
  • Chair: Susan Cachel
  • Placement: Curatorial Associate, American Museum of National History

Janel Tortorice

  • Dissertation Title: Written on the Body: Butch/Femme Lesbian Gender Identity and Biological Correlates
  • Chair: Dieter Steklis
  • Placement: Lone Star College, Houston, TX