Adriana Greci Green

  • Dissertation Title: Performances and Celebrations: Displaying Lakota Identity, 1880-1915
  • Chair: Robin Fox
  • Placement: Northern Michigan University

Robert Marlin

  • Dissertation Title: Possessing the Past: Legacies of Violence and Reproductive Illness in Central Mozambique
  • Chair: Peter Guarnaccia
  • Placement: Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School & Director of the Coordinated Care Program for Political Violence Survivors

Virginia Cornue

  • Dissertation Title: Recognizing Women: Gender, Non-Government Organizations, and Contemporary Change in China
  • Chair: Louisa Schein
  • Placement: Visiting Instructor, Rutgers University

Zaibette Maldonado

  • Dissertation Title: Coping with Vulnerability to Coastal Hazards in Loiza, Puerto Rico
  • Chair: Bonnie McCay
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras

Violetta Zentai

  • Dissertation Title: Exchange of Values and Circulation of Meanings: Social Imagination on Money and Wealth in Post-Socialist Hungary
  • Chair: Uli Linke
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Central European University