Robert Blinkoff

  • Dissertation Title: Creating and Maintaining Access Fields in Sokamin, Papua New Guinea
  • Chair: Bonnie McCay
  • Placement: President, Context Research Marketing

Barbara Jones

  • Dissertation Title: Bogged Down: The Issue of Wetland Expansion for New Jersey and Massachusetts Cranberry Growers, Environmentalists, and Regulators 
  • Chair: Bonnie McCay
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Brookdale Community College

Paige West

  • Dissertation Title: The Practices, Ideologies, and Consequences of Conservation and Development in Papua New Guinea
  • Chair: George Morren & Dorothy Hodgson
  • Placement: Professor, Barnard College

Stacey Jordan

  • Dissertation Title: The “Utility” of Coarse Earthenware: Potters, Pottery Production, and Identity at the Dutch Colonial Cape of Good Hope, South Africa (1652-1795)
  • Chair: Carmel Schrire
  • Placement: Principal, AECOM