Christopher Campisano

  • Dissertation Title: Tephrostratigraphy and Hominin Paleoenvironments of the Hadar Formation, Afar Depression, Ethiopia
  • Chair: Craig Feibel
  • Placement: Assistant Professor - Institute of Human Origins & School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University

Ju-Chen Chen

  • Dissertation Title: Capital Dreams: Global Consumption, Urban Imagination and Labor Migration in Late Socialist Beijing.
  • Chair: Louisa Schein
  • Placement: Lecturer in the department of Anthropology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Dorothy Gioia

  • Dissertation Title: Scientific Vision and Spiritual Sense: Scientists’ Attitudes Toward Religion, Science, and Their Own Work
  • Chair: Warren Shapiro
  • Placement: Associate Director, English Writing Program, Rutgers University

Noelle Molé

  • Dissertation Title: Protection and Precariousness: Workplace Mobbing, Gender and Neoliberalism in Northern Italy
  • Chair: Laura Ahearn
  • Placement: Lecturer, Princeton Writing Program & Department of Anthropology, Princeton University

Ronald Smith

  • Dissertation Title: An Individual Based Comparative Advantage Model: Did Economic Specialization Mediate the Fluctuating Climate of the Late Pleistocene during the Transition from Neanderthals to Modern Humans?
  • Chair: Susan Anton

Darine Zaatari

  • Dissertation Title: Individual Biological Traits and Behavior in Economic Games in Two Populations: Lebanon and Jamaica
  • Chair: Lee Cronk
  • Placement: Project Director, Biosocial Research Foundation

Rowena Magid

  • Dissertation Title: Isotopic Evidence of the Consumption of C(4) Plant Material by Deer in the Lowe Illinois River Valley and Its Implications for Deer Management by the Middle Woodland Amerindian Population
  • Chair: Susan Cachel
  • Placement: Science Teacher and Department Head, Hillel Yeshiva High School

Briana Pobiner

  • Dissertation Title: Hominin-Carnivore Interactions: Evidence from Modern Carnivore Bone Modification and Early Pleistocene Archaeofaunas (Koobi Fora, Kenya; Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania)
  • Chair: Robert Blumenschine
  • Placement: Education Programs Specialist – Human Origins, The Smithsonian Institution