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Getting Started with Honors

Most students write and research honors theses in the fall and spring semesters prior to a May graduation.  In that case, you should choose a topic and recruit an advisor in March of the preceding spring semester.   Advisors eligible to serve include those listed on the department’s website as “Departmental faculty.”  If your research will involve human subjects, you will need to obtain approval from the Rutgers Institutional Review Board  prior to beginning any research. 

Consult the links below – as well as you advisor – to determine whether you will need to undergo this process.

Links for IRB information:

IRB's website:

IRB's guidance topics:


Students wishing to conduct research over the summer should submit protocols to the Institutional Review Board by the 12 March deadline.  It is a long process.  A minority of students write and research honors theses in the Spring and Fall semesters prior to a January graduation.  Such individuals should consult the undergraduate program director (UPD) as soon as they form this ambition.  In all cases, you should consult with the UPD as your develop topics and consider possible advisors.  Students must submit the attached form – bearing the advisor’s signature – by the end of the first week of the first semester of the project.

pdf Honors Form Template (101 KB)

pdf Honors Form (101 KB)


Undergraduate Director
Robert S. Scott
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 Departmental Chair
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