ChristinaStamat"I like that the Anthropology Department offers diverse classes within the discipline of Anthropology. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of what Anthropology is, and what you can do with it."
- Christina Stamat, Evolutionary Anthropology major, class of 2018

What Can I Do with a Major in Anthropology?

Demand for anthropologists in the job market has been on the increase in recent years, stimulated by a growing need for analysts and researchers with sharp thinking skills who can manage, evaluate, and interpret the large volume of data on human behavior. What we know about the future marketplace indicates a need for the type of global, holistic knowledge that an anthropological perspective brings. Majoring in Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, or Evolutionary Anthropology prepares students for a wide variety of occupations and careers.

For example, students with a strong anthropology background have found employment in non-governmental organizations; museums; cultural resource management firms; government agencies; health care organizations; local, national, and international businesses; and as translators, social workers, journalists, and teachers. In addition, an anthropology major is excellent preparation for students seeking advanced professional degrees in such areas as business or law or who plan to pursue graduate education in anthropology.

Career Outlook - NY Times article

Anthropologists hold a variety of jobs, very few of which actually contain "anthropologist" in the title. These careers include:

  • Forensic detective
  • Teacher
  • Contract archaeologist
  • Museum curator
  • Professor
  • Journalist
  • Peace Corps volunteer
  • Public health worker
  • Social worker
  • Epidemiologist
  • Social marketer / advertiser
  • Arts promoter
  • Zoo curator
  • International development worker
  • Physician
  • Cultural resources manager


SAS course in Career Exploration

Link to SAS course in career exploration offered for sophomores and juniors in fall and spring:

01:090:210 (Fall/Spring) 1.5 credits


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