• Kathleen Riley
  • Kathleen Riley
  • Assistant Teaching Professor, SAS
  • Specialization: Linguistic anthropology, language socialization, language ideologies, multilingualism, food and language, gender and sexuality, Marquesas, French Polynesia, France, la francophonie.
  • Degree and University: PhD, The City University of New York 2001
  • Office: Ruth Adams Building Room 316
  • Office Hours: Spring 2024 - Wednesday 3:00-5 pm or by appointment


Kathleen (Kate) C. Riley is a cultural and linguistic anthropology and has conducted fieldwork in the Marquesas, Vermont, France, Montreal, and NYC. Her research has focused on the relationship between language ideologies and language socialization, language shift, and culturally constructed social identities (indigeneity, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality). Recently she has been looking with special interest at how food and language are interrelated both materially (rhetorical approaches to food justice and sustainability) and symbolically (food as an embodied system of communication). She is also much involved through the AAA with issues related to language and social justice.


1979  Cornell University  BA  Anthropology/English

1984  Columbia University  MA  Cultural Anthropology

1987  City College of New York  MA  Creative Writing

2001  Graduate Center CUNY  PhD  Linguistic and Cultural Anthropology


7/02-6/03 Richard Carley Hunt Fellowship (Wenner-Gren Foundation Grant #6890) --   To aid research and writing on "The Emergence of Dialogic Identities: Transforming Heteroglossia in the Marquesas, French Polynesia".

12/92-12/93 Wenner-Gren Foundation Predoctoral Grant (#5551) -- For field research on language socialization and the construction of Marquesan identity in French Polynesia.

12/92‑12/93 National Science Foundation Dissertation Research Grant (#9216722) -- For field research on language socialization and the construction of Marquesan identity in French Polynesia.



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Language, Culture, and Society
Language and Social Diversity
Language, Food, and Society
Methods and Analysis in Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology
Learning an Endangered Language
Language, Gender, and Sexuality
Anthropology of Europe
Anthropology of Development


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