Carmel Schrire

alt Carmel Schrire (PhD, Australian National U, 1968; Distinguished Professor, SAS) Prehistory, historical archeology, human ecology, hunter-gatherers; Australia, Africa.  cschrire@anthropology.rutgers.edu


Oudepost I, Cape, 1986

Distinguished Professor of Anthropology
Department of Anthropology
Ruth Adams Building 202
Phone: (732) 932-9006
Fax: 732-932-1564

Ph.D. Australian National University, 1968

Research Interests

Carmel Schrire has done archaeological and anthropological research on topics relating to Australia, the Arctic and South Africa. She is currently engaged in a long-term program of research into the early colonial contact between Europeans and indigenous people in the Age of Mercantile Capitalism.

altOne of Professor Schrire's major projects involved the excavation of a small outpost of the Dutch East India Company on the shores of Saldanha Bay, Cape, South Africa. Her book Digging through Darkness: Chronicles of an Archaeologist (UVA Press 1995) sets these finds in a broad, international perspective.

altProfessor Schrire's latest book, Tigers in Africa: Stalking the Past at the Cape of Good Hope (University Press of Virginia, 2002), presents a brisk vision of the scientific and social past at the Cape. Professor Schrire is currently working on the archaeology and history of the Castle of Good Hope (1666-1850), and hopes to unravel the material objects that elucidate the life and times on an old, colonial African frontier.




Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa
Photo by Gerald Hoberman


The infilled moat at the Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa