Frank Batiste

  • Dissertation Title: Theory of the Mind and the Role of the Target Individuals' Group Affiliation
  • Chair: Lee Cronk
  • Placement: Instructor, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology, Columbia University

E. Marshall Brooks

  • Dissertation Title: Disenchanted Lives: Apostasy and Ex-Mormanism among the Latter-Day Saint
  • Chair: Dorothy Hodgson
  • Placement: 2016-2016: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Family Medicine an Population Health, Virginia Commonwealth University

Susan Coiner-Collier

  • Dissertation Title: Feeding Ecology and the Trabecular Structure of the Mandibular Condyle in Extant Primates
  • Chair: Rob Scott
  • Placement: 2016-2017 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Biological Sciences, Notre Dame University

Assaf Harel

  • Dissertation Title: "The Eternal Nation does not fear a long road": An Ethnography of Jewish Settlers in Israel/Palestine
  • Chair: Daniel Goldstein
  • Placement: 2015-2016 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University

Emily Aronoff Lynch

  • Dissertation Title: Patrilineal Kinship in a Matrilocal Society of Olive Baboons (Papio hamadryas anubis) in Kenya
  • Chair: Ryne Palombit