Cultural Anthropology

Timothy McGhee

TimMcGheePhD Student
Advisor: Christien Tompkins
Program: Cultural Anthropology (CITE)
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Timothy McGhee is an African-American initiated priest in the Yoruba Ifa and Lukumi traditions.  He earned his Bachelors degree from the City College of New York as a double major in Black Studies and Anthropology.  Tim continued his studies to pursue a Masters degree from Columbia University in Anthropology.  His background as a priest and scholar is evidence of his passion to serve humanity as a cultural custodian, and preserver of African religious and cultural traditions.  Timothy’s work focuses on the formation of Afro diasporic religions and communities that consequently informed social justice movements and revolutions in Cuba specifically, and in the larger African diaspora. 

Currently, Timothy is working to collect, translate, and organize rare Afro-Cuban liturgy from elders that will greatly contribute to the academy’s understanding of ancient Yoruba religious concepts.  He hopes to ultimately coordinate this work in conjunction with his pursuit of a PhD. 

As a native of New Brunswick, NJ and coming from the south Bronx, NY, Timothy has a deep seated desire to educate youth in impoverished communities and areas where minority populations are underserved.  Timothy writes and teaches to contribute to the community’s understanding of class, race, sexuality, and religion.