Cultural Anthropology

Burcu Pehlivan

BurcuPehlivanPhD Student
Advisor: Zeynep Gursel
Program: Cultural Anthropology (CITE)

I received a BA in International Relations from Sabanci University and MA in Sociology from Koç University in Turkey. I am interested in medical anthropology, reproduction, medicalization of pregnancy and pregnancy loss experiences. My master’s research focused on the impacts of pronatalist policies and cultural context on reproductivity-related issues in Turkey. Through ethnographic research in a hospital, I investigated the medical authority over women’s reproductive health and the role of socio-economic differences in experiencing pregnancy loss. I also gained fieldwork experience at a non-governmental organization under UNHCR, which provides social and psychological support for Syrian refugees in Turkey. As a doctoral student in anthropology, I look forward to researching social and political contributions to healthcare systems, and reproductive health in Turkey.


Departmental Chair
Craig S. Feibel

Graduate Director
Erin Vogel
Fall 2019 office hours: Monday 2-4

Graduate Assistant
Safiena Salaman