Cultural Anthropology

Nada El-Kouny

hamed headshot ballad NadaPhD Student
Advisor: Becky Schulthies
Program: Cultural Anthropology (CITE)
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Research interests: Infrastructure, political action, mobility, inter-generational disjunctures, structural violence, memory, Revolution, Rural Egypt.   
My dissertation research, currently being written, is an ethnographic (and partly archival) study of infrastructure, state-making and political action in Rural Egypt. I focus on two villages in the Egypt's Nile Delta region to address how the state produces itself and enacts itself through built infrastructures. I additionally look at how citizens in return, experience, utilize and contest infrastructural projects (or their lack) and what meanings and imaginations revolve around them. On a theoretical level, I conceive of infrastructure both in its material form: roads, bridges, railways; as well as "social infrastructures" of communicative practices, social mobility, and political mobilization. Emerging from my research sites, it is evident how both the physical and social infrastructures together are co-constitutive in producing political subjectivities in Egypt.